Minnesota Adult Basic Education: Comprehensive Career Pathways
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Click here to watch a recorded webinar and learn more about two of Minnesota’s successful Youth Programs which have high levels of employer engagement. 

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What's New?

MWCA Winter Meeting - December 12, 2018

  • Current economic conditions coupled with a longer term projected shortage of skilled workers require a renewed and collaborative commitment to guarantee current and future workers have the support necessary for Minnesota to remain competitive in the 21st Century.

  • MWCA builds partnerships of employers, community organizations, and other key stakeholders to address specific regional workforce needs.

  • This statewide network of local leadership is positioned to promote a strong, locally driven, responsive workforce system in Minnesota.

  • Local workforce councils act as leaders in their communities to both make connections
    among multiple stakeholders and leverage resources to bolster the overall effectiveness of
    the system.

We Are Workforce Development

  • MWCA helps employers find and recruit qualified workers.

  • MWCA assists job seekers with training, career development and job placement services.

  • MWCA provides youth programs that help young people plan for a career and acquire the skills to succeed in today’s economy.

  • MWCA is dedicated to improving the economic vitality and social well being of our state through innovative and cost-effective workforce development programs.


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